About North Carolina Masters Swimming

Many of the swim teams of the Local Masters Swim Committee (LMSC) in North Carolina are organized as clubs and workout groups. Many of these teams are small,and since only a small number of swimmers go to out of state and national meets, it was decided to have a large club, North Carolina Masters Swimming Club (NCMS) organized with many workout groups. This would allow swimmers going to out of state meets could compete together as one club from North Carolina

Swimmers can also form their own independent clubs that are not part of NC Maaters Swimming Club. However, teams that chose to be a member of the large club North Carolina Masters Swimming are still run independently as teams in North Carolina, and participate at swim meets held in North Carolina as an independent teams. When North Carolina Meets are held, the individual workout groups and independent clubs score points to see which team wins the meet. Swimmers compete in Relays both with their own workout group, or club, and/or those who belong to the large NCMS Club can swim for the North Carolina Masters Swimming club in relays. The NCMS club does not score points against any other chapter or club.

Swimmers can register unattached, with an independent club, or with NCMS club and not specify a workout group, but unattached swimmers may not participate in relays or score points for a team. Alternatively, and recommended, a swimmer wants to swim out of state with the North Carolina Masters Swimming club, but not belong to a team, then they can just register with North Carolina Masters Swimming club and no workout group (NCMS, no workout group)