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Weekly Workouts for North Carolina Masters Swimmers
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by Kerry O'Brien, Head Coach, Walnut Creek Masters (California)


Kerry O'Brien,age 44, begins his 22nd year as full-time Head Coach of the Walnut Creek Masters in California.  As an ASCA certified level 5 coach, Kerry was voted 1988 USMS Coach of the Year; 1991 Pacific Masters Coach of the Year;was twice invited to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center to coach the USMS Altitude Training Camp(1999 and 2000); and is very active in the USMS Mentor Coaching Program, having lead clinics in Virginia, Idaho, North Carolina, Washington, Alaska, and California.  With a membership of nearly 400 swimmers, Kerry and his assistants offer five coached training sessions per day in Walnut Creek.  Capturing 32 National Team Championships since 1987, many consider WCM to be the most successful team at the national level in United States Masters history.

But like any other team, the membership is diverse in age, ability, and purpose for being there.  The training cycles that will follow are carefully designed to give everyone the best possible general conditioning, while also meeting the specific needs for one's competitive interests.

I would like to welcome you to an opportunity to take part in a collaborative effort to provide North Carolina swimmers with a comprehensive training schedule that will run from October 1 through Short Course Nationals in May. This is the same program that Walnut Creek Masters has used with very good results.

Workout intensities rotate through four one week cylces(macro-cycles) ranging from EASY, MODERATE, HARD ,and VERY HARD. We refer to these in terms of "BLOCKS"- an easy week being a "one block" week, to a very hard being a "four block" week. Within each week, the daily cycles (micro-cycles) will range from a "one block" to a "four block" day. So the harder the week,the higher the block total for the five training days. A graph to help illustrate the training cycles will be made available later.

I will try to address a couple of questions you might have in advance:

1) What if I don't plan to compete?
A- These training cycles are for everyone regardless of competitive intent. Because they incorporate all the energy systems used in training, they provide the best type of general fitness training as well as meeting the needs of the competitive swimmer.

2) What if I don't swim 5 days a week?
A-Just swim your normal workout days. On the days intended as "recovery days", the sets are usually designed so you have the option of increasing the intensity if you don't need the recovery. The workouts will range from 3,000 to 3,500 yards/meters. Some days will include open-ended sets, where the sequence of swims will be given and he the swimmer will determine the number of repeats. Thie will allow for some variation in the total distance of the workout.

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Updated: September 30, 2001
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