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Weekly Workouts for North Carolina Masters Swimmers
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by Kerry O'Brien, Head Coach, Walnut Creek Masters (California)



Here is a glossary of terms that will show up in the set explainations:

S - swim

P - pull

K - kick

INTERVAL - refers to the time it takes to swim the distance and rest until the next send off

F.P.S.O. - fastest possible send off (your fastest interval that you can maintain for the set)

+5 AND +10 - are 5 and 10 second adjustments to your send off intervals

DESCENDING - refers to getting faster within a set of swims

BUILD-UP - refers to starting easy and getting faster within an individual swim

PACE - refers to maintaining a predetermined speed that usually has some reference to a race or goal time

TIME FINISHES - timing strokes so that you hit the wall with a complete stroke, not a 1/2 stroke or have to kick and glide in

LAP - the distance of one length of the pool

HYPOXIC - refers to limiting your breathing within safe amounts

BOARDWAG - pulling with the kick board between your legs like a buoy. Hold the board so that a good portion of it will create resistance beneath you as you rotate your shoulders/hips.

BREAKOUT - Transitioning speed from underwater to the surface by using the first stroke to actually swim to the surface. We should never break to the surface kicking in a streamlined position.

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