Table of Contents

  1. What is RAM?
  2. RAM Governance
  3. Social Activities
  4. General Membership Requirements
  5. Specific Membership Requirements
  6. Practice Information
  7. Joining RAM
  8. Swim cost
  9. What to do when you show up for pracice
  10. New Prospective swimmer
  11. Regular member in good standing
  12. Visiting USMS registered swimmers
  13. Who contact for more information

What is RAM?

Raleigh Area Masters (RAM) is one of the largest Masters swim training groups in the state and is part of the North Carolina Masters Swim Club (NCMS), the parent club of all other North Carolina Masters swimming groups.

RAM is based in the North Carolina Capital City of Raleigh.  Workouts are available seven days a week with three weekday morning practices, four weekday evening practices and two weekend morning practices; One on Saturday morning and one on Sunday morning.

The workout group contains swimmers and triathletes ranging in abilities from beginner to elite.  Some hold National and World records in their age group.  All come and enjoy practice with outstanding coaching.  The focus of the practices is to motivate, teach techniques, build endurance and speed and do this while encouraging new and returning athletes.  While competition is encouraged, we welcome athletes who are only interested in life-long fitness.

All coaches are experienced, work to improve technique, teach new strokes, and provide fun, yet challenging training.  To assist in continuity of training, the coaching staff develops an annual training plan to aid in a coherent training program.

RAM Governance

RAM is organized and governed by an elected Board of Directors.  The board consists of 10 RAM members who meet monthly.  All members are welcomed to attend the meetings which are announced in a weekly email newsletter sent to all members.  If you wish to contact the board members, you may see them on deck at practice or you may email them at RAM-Board

Social Activities

Swimmers like to socialize.  During the year the team holds at least two general membership gatherings to address team business and have fun.  One is held in the winter and one in the summer.  There are also efforts to encourage members to meet and enjoy lunch at least once per month.  The location varies from place to place.  A favorite activity is to gather after morning weekend practices for breakfast.  This is a great way to relax after working up an appetite.

General Membership Requirements

So what do you need to do to swim with RAM?  You need to be at least 18 years of age or older, you need a desire to swim and to learn to improve your swimming, and you need to know the fundamentals of swimming.  Unfortunately we do not work with non-swimmers but do encourage them to take lessons with the local swimming pools and then consider joining RAM.  In general, we recommend swimmers be capable of swimming the length of the pool at least twice before exploring our program.  Last but not least, you must join US Masters Swimming and RAM after two trial swims.

Specific Membership Requirements

Hopefully this section will help you understand a little better what was mentioned above.

Practice Information

There are 9 practices each week.  Weekday morning practices begin at 5:30am (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and weekday evening practices begin at 6:45pm (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).  Both morning and evening practices last 1 hour and 15 minutes.  There is one exception to this schedule.  From June to August, evening practices begin at 8:00pm.  The practice is still 1 hour and 15 minutes long but the later start allows the team access to 50-meter pool for Long Course training.  Weekend practices last 1 hour 30 minutes.  Saturday morning practices typically start at 7:30am and Sunday morning practices begin at 8:00am.

Please note that practice schedules can change due to unforeseen events.  RAM tries through the web page and email notices to provide accurate information of current practice schedules. In addition, RAM tries to post the most current practice schedule on it's web site at News link on the RAM website.

Joining RAM

If after your free swims and understanding how much it will cost, you decide you want to join and become a member, here is what do you need to know.

First, you must register with US Masters Swimming and RAM.  This can be done via the web (recommended) or using paper applications (slow).  To register electronically, go to Click here to access the web site.  When filling out the form, be sure you select NCMS as your club and RAM as the workout group.  It is very important for you to register with both USMS and RAM.

If you wish, you can download a paper form, fill it out, and mail it in to register.  This takes a while to be processed and so your USMS membership and your RAM membership will not be immediately effective, as they would be if you applied electronically.  Still, if you wish to do your registration this way, you can download a paper form.

Swim cost

What to do when you show up for pracice

This section addresses the actions of new prospective swimmers, regular members and visiting Masters swimmers from out of town teams.

New Prospective swimmer

Prospective swimmers who want to swim the two free swims should do the following.

Regular member in good standing

Members in good standing are those with all fees paid and who are registered with USMS and RAM.  Note, if you are not considered to be in good standing, you will not be allowed to participate in practice unless you pay the drop in fee.  If you meet the condition of being in good standing, please do the following.

Please note that the sign in sheets are used to track swimmer participation and help the team determine the number of lanes needed for practices.

Visiting USMS registered swimmers


For further information, please contact Harry DeLong