Registration with USMS and RAM

Registration for RAM and USMS can be handled two ways.  The fastest and easiest it to use the web process.  If you prefer, you can use a paper process.  Both will be discussed below.

Web based process

The web based system is a secure system maintained by a commercial company under contract with US Masters.  The process permits, actually encourages, the use of credit cards for the registration.  

The Registration web site is available here.

  The web based system permits printing your new USMS registration Card, and permits accessing the card through out the year in the event the card is missplaced.

For North Carolina Swimmers, our club is NCMS, North Carolina Masters Swimming.  RAM is identified as a workout group. So when you are making your selections please make sure you choose NCMS as the club RAM as the workout group.  You will have to scroll down to find North Carolina Masters Swimming and then choose RAM as your workout group.

An additional advantage is monthly payments to RAM can be set up to occur automatically and the system allows for stopping the automatic payment for those months you will not be in the pool.

Paper based registration

It is possible to register using the paper application.  The paper application may be found here.This process is slower and your registration card will not be available until the application is submitted and a card issued through the mail.