Pools used by Raleigh Area Masters

The majority of swimmers in RAM also live in Raleigh and swim during regular workouts.  These workouts are scheduled in either Millbrook Exchange Pool, Optimist Park Pool or Pullen Park Pool.These three pools are owned and operated by the City of Raleigh.  During the summer months, RAM uses the pool on the campus of Saint Mary's School.  In addition to these pools, there is a separate group that works at SAS and swims in their Athletic Facility Pool.  These pools and their schedules will be addressed below.

During the summer months, morning practices can be held in a variety of outdoor pools as space is available.  When any such pool is used, there is notice given prior to it's use in the Weekly newsletter email sent to all swimmers.  Plans are to include such announcements in the News section of this web site.

RAM Swimmers located outside the Raleigh area, siwm in the local community pool.

Millbrook Exchange Pool

This pool is located at 2201 Spring Forest Road Raleigh, NC 27615.

Millbrook is a 25 yard pool and is one of the primary pools in use by RAM.  The pool is located to the west and slightly north of the map's indicated position.

Directions to Millbrook Exchange Pool

If you are driving from Falls of the Neuse Road, the entrance is the first drive just past the fire station on the left hand side of the road, follow the entrance all the way to the back for the pool, use the + sign below and mouse movements on Google Map below to manipulate the map.

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Optimist Park Pool

The pool is located at 5902 Whittier Drive, Raleigh NC.

Optimist is a 25yds x 50meter pool.  Beginning in mid-June, this pool is switched to it's 50 meter configuration for RAM practice.  The remainder of the year, the arrangement is for 25 yard practice.

Directions to Optimist Park Pool

From the Raleigh Beltline, take the Six Forks exit north.  About 2 miles from the beltline, a major intersection with Millbrook Rd has an Exxon station on the right.  Continue north on Six Forks, turning left at the next light on Northclift Drive (Note, only the street on the left is Northclift, on the right it is Sandy Forks Rd.  Northclift is a residential street, Whittier Drive is four streets on the left, and Optimist Park Pool is at the end of the short street.

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Pullen Park Pool

The pool is located at 520 Ashe Avenue, Raleigh NC.

Pullen Park and Pullen Park Pool are located near the center of Raleigh and close to North Carolina State University.  It is a 25yds x 50meter pool that is normally operated in a 25 yard configuration.  During June, this pool is converted to it's 50 meter configuration for RAM practice.

Directions to Pullen Park Pool

From the Raleigh Beltline, take Western Blvd into downtown Raleigh.  You will pass NC State University on the left, then Pullen Drive and Pullen Park are on the left.  A small street marked by a 7/11 store on the left is Ashe Avenue.  The second entrance on the left off of Ashe Avenue is where to turn and the pool is the second building on the right.  The pool is the large building toward the top and left of Ashe Avenue.

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Saint Mary's School Pool

The Pool is located inside the Ann Moore Bacon Gymnasium and Natatorium.  The pool is a 25 yard, 5 line pool.  The facility is located at the North end of the campus, just off College Drive.

Directions to the Directions to the St Mary's School Pool

Participants should enter campus through Gate #7 off of College Place and then park in the School Chapel Drive parking lot. The swimming pool is located in building #12. Security will have the gate and pool unlocked for us when we start arriving (5:15ish) and will leave it open during the practice times for easy access.  The Natatorium is located to the right of the road on which you enter.

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