Workout of the Month

by Greta van Meeteren, courtesy of coach Frank McGrath
During this summer I spent a lot of time doing long distance training. I was ready to swim the 10K and had scheduled to do so on August 28. Needless to say ... this did not happen. During the 4 weeks after the big storm, all we could do was clean up the mess that it left behind. That is an energy-zapping experience. The swimming we did was purely about recovering, physically and mentally. And then, when I tried to swim a "real" workout I just could not get going. I discussed this with coach Frank, and here is the workout he came up with - it gets the juices flowing and it is my new favorite for now:

Warmup: Swim, Kick, Pull 6 x 200
        Swim 4 x 100 I.M.

Main set:
60 x 50 - alternating 1 x sprint (10) and 1 x threshold (10)

Swim down: 200