The Greensboro Aquatic Center
Photos courtesy of: Brian Ambuehl

Are you getting excited yet?

This is where the 2012 USMS National SCY Championships will be held.

Three (3) bodies of water are included in this innovative aquatic complex:

A 50-meter stretch competition pool that is 25 yards wide with 8 long course lanes and/or 16 to 22 lanes for short-course competition.

A 25-yard x 46' warm-up/down teaching and therapeutic pool with 5 swimming lanes.

A 25-yard diving well with 7 swimming lanes and 7 diving apparatus.

The combined water surface area of these pools is 17,895 square feet or approximately 1.5 million gallons of water. The facility will accommodate 1,942 off-deck permanent spectator seats and 658 deck bleacher seating for participants bringing total capacity to 2,600 persons.

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