Letter from the Editor
by Greta van Meeteren, Editor and Chairwoman of the Local Masters Swimming Committee for North Carolina

You have probably wondered whatever happened to our September newsletter: hurricane Irene happened. Pamlico County took a direct hit, and we were in the path of this monster storm. Thankfully we are fine, our house had no major structural damage, and our boat rode out the storm at anchor. We did have a huge mess and lost a lot of stuff, and we are still dealing with after effects, but by now life is slowly getting back on track.

Swimming has helped keep us sane and strong, what a great sport we all share!

Don't forget: the DIXIE ZONE CHAMPIONSHIP SCM meet will be held in Charlotte on October 29 and 30.

Follow this link to sign up:


This is a chance for records: we do not have many SCM meets in our area.

You will meet neat NC swimmers in this issue and hear from two of our swim teams. Coach Tammy Yates has written a good article on breaststroke (my personal favorite!), and there is a workout by coach Frank McGrath.

I'd love to hear from more coaches and the various teams, please contact me at: gvanmeeteren@gmail.com with stories - they are always welcome!

Enjoy your newsletter and as always: Happy Swimming
Greta van Meeteren