Cholesterol and Statin Side Effects


By Nathan Coles


As a Chiropractor, I see the human body as an animated machine. Everyone will,

sooner or later, experience a functional and/or painful issue with their body. My job is to determine the cause and remove it. My tools consist of techniques to free joint

restriction, release scar tissue, and address improper biomechanics.


Occasionally, I am not able to get the desired or expected result when treating a patient with a seemingly straightforward musculoskeletal complaint. At this point, it is in our best interest to look elsewhere for possible contributors.


A common culprit is the patientís Statin drug, prescribed to lower blood cholesterol

levels. Statin drugs go by a number of different brand names, such as Lipitor, Crestor, Mevacor, Zocor, Vytorin, as well as their generic counterparts. They are also known as HMG CoA Fleductase Inhibitors. This simply means that they hinder the function of an important enzyme needed to produce the end product- Cholesterol. This enzyme functions at the very beginning of the Mevalonate Pathway and begins a cascade of many important steps. Cholesterol is one of only three end products of this critical chain. Co-Q10 (Ubiquinone) and dolichol are also produced. Therefore, in the name of Cholesterol reduction, Statins interrupt many reactions that share this same pathway.


Co-Q10 plays a role in energy (ATP) synthesis, cell respiration, heart function, nerve conduction, muscle integrity, and elastin and collagen production. Symptoms of Co-Q10 deficiency include muscle wasting, weakness, back and leg pain, heart failure, neuropathy and inflammation of tendons and ligaments (sometimes resulting in rupture), and more.


Dolichols direct proteins to their proper destinations according to the instructions

provided by your DNA. Squalene, a Cholesterol precursor, has proven anti-cancer



Cholesterol is necessary for the synthesis of Vitamin D, bile acids, and sex hormones.

Pushing total Cholesterol too low can also have negative effects in associated areas.

Keep in mind that optimal Vitamin D levels are imperative for the expression of a full 10% of our DNA.


Altering the function of the Mevalonate pathway may lead to unpredictable results, often compared to the effects of erasing integral lines of code from a computer program.


VERY few people are born with a genetic predisposition for high Cholesterol production.


lf a patient has weighed the pros and cons and decides to remain on a Statin, it is

essential that they take a CoQ10 supplement (300-500 mg/day) and keep their Vitamin D levels in the high normal range (60-70 ng/mL) by supplementing with Vitamin D3. Fish Oill is also a fantastic supplement for the great majority of people. Fish Oil dosage should be based on the sum of mg of EPA and DHA in the bottle. Most men should take 4000 mg/day, while most women should supplement between 2000-3000 mg/day.


This short article is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Cholesterol and Statin side effects. lf this topic affects you or a loved one, it is worth your time to search out the facts.