Workout of the Month
By Marty Gaal, Coach and owner of One Step Beyond

Our training group is about 50% pure swimmer / 50% triathletes and our workouts are thematic - distance Mondays, drill focus Tuesdays, stroke Wednesdays, and so on. The following workout is a recent one from our Monday distance session.

Warm up (1,000)
400 easy choice stroke
200 kick mix
200 pull
4 x 50 drills choice on 10 second rest

Main set (3,000-3,600):
6 x 100** moderate-hard (80-90% effort) on 10 to 15 second rest
600 pull steady (70-75%) freestyle on 1:00 / 2:00 rest
4 x 150** moderate-hard (80-90% effort) on 15-20 second rest
600 steady pull steady freestyle on 1:00 / 2:00 rest
3 x 200** moderate-hard on 20-30 second rest

**= could do first 50 stroke then freestyle (4 x 150 would be 50 non-free then 100 free)
(optional 600 pull at the end for anyone looking for additional yardage)

Warm down (200):
100 easy kick
100 easy swim

4,200 (4,800) total

This is a good endurance building workout that includes some work at sub-threshold efforts so it is not all long distance pace. During the build up to Nationals and in the peak of triathlon season, we might do the same set, but increase the effort and rest time on the 100s, 150s, and 200s, making it a more anaerobic workout with long recovery swims between sets. For example, 6x 100s at 90-95% effort on 30 seconds rest, then 600 steady.