The Greensboro Aquatic Center
Photos courtesy of: Brian Ambuehl

Last month I promised more information on the Greensboro Aquatic Center, where USMS Nationals will be held in April 2012

Not only with USMS Nationals be held here, but we'll get a chance to try out this spectacular facility on March 3, 2012, because the Frank Clark meet will be held here. Information about that meet will be available on our NC web site.

About the competition pool: it is an all-deep water pool, 52.5 meters by 25 yards with two moveable fiberglass bulkheads which will allow up to 10 different pool configurations (eight 50-meter lanes, 16 25-meter lanes, 22 25-yard lanes, etc.) for maximum flexibility. It will also have the capability to host two water polo events simultaneously and the main pool depth is 9' throughout tapering to 10'.

The competition pool and diving well will be equipped with complete state-of-the-art timing and scoring systems that include: Relay Judging Platforms, track start systems, Colorado Timing System 6 and Daktronics 24x30 Full LED Video display Scoreboard.

Pace clocks, built in underwater speakers for underwater recall and training, underwater lighting and remote judging terminals for diving and synchronized swimming competitions are also included.

More information in the next issue ......