Workout of the Month
by Rob Cole

Below is a 3,400 yard pool workout that allows you to work on a variety of open water skills while still getting a good workout. The skills involve working on potential open water problems while still moving forward.

Swim, Kick, Pull, Swim Only breathe when head is out of the water 25 with eyes closed and goggles around neck. Open eyes to sight the end of the pool. 25 on back with breast stroke kick replacing googles. Once the goggles are back on, roll over and swim normally. 25 with goggles around your neck and cap off tucked in swimsuit, 25 on your back with a breast stroke kick and replace both cap and goggles by the time you get to the wall. If you get it done before reaching the wall, roll over and swim normally. Swim half way down pool then roll over on back and stretch each calve by bending forward and pulling leg back, then grab arms behind back and lift upward to relieve tension in your shoulders, return length swim normally. Get into a breathing pattern and sighting on a landmark. This could be a spot on the wall or the starting block at the end of the lane.