Open Water Swimming Events
By Greta van Meeteren

Our swimming friends to the north of us (New Jersey) will be holding a night lake swim in Lake Hopatcong, July 26-27. This is a new event and it is sanctioned through WOWSA (World Open Water Association).

Quote: "It will be a very fun and cool (with all the glow lights) unique open water swim experience! The planned course is 13.1 miles with 7 check-in points at which the swimmer's kayak escort will select a playing card. Best hand wins! We'll also give awards for speed."

There is a pre-event BBQ & post-event breakfast buffet. Maximum swimmer count is 30 participants, and relays are welcome. For more information, Click here to read more .....

Also, if you'd like to know more about open water swims that are organized in the Colonies Zone, you can follow this link: Colonies Zone 2014 Open Water Swims