Top 10 information about recognized SCY meets due by June 8, 2013
By Hans van Meeteren

The end of the SCY season is approaching. The 2013 SCY season runs from June 1, 2013 until May 31, 2013. By June 30th the LMSC Top 10 recorders have to submit the Top 10 files for their LMSCs to the USMS Top 10 administrator, who then combines all LMSC files into the National Top 10. Each LMSC Top 10 file is created directly from the USMS results database using results of all meets sanctioned by the particular LMSC after determining eligibility of meet results for Top 10 consideration. Usually, the lack of pool measurements is the reason for meet results not being eligible for Top 10 consideration. So, in the end all your results obtained in eligible USMS sanctioned meets, wherever you competed in USMS meets in the US will be considered.

For so-called recognized meets things are more complicated and action from the swimmer is required. For SCY there are two groups of recognized meets: meets sanctioned by USA Swimming (USA-S) and meets organized by other organizations (e.g., Senior Games, YMCA meets). USA-S meets are automatically recognized by USMS, however for results to be eligible, the pool certification for the race course used for the meet has to be on file with USMS. Note that according to a 2013 USMS rule change a certification on file with USA-S is no longer sufficient for Top 10 eligibility. On the other hand another 2013 USMS rule change no longer requires that for USA-S meets bulkhead confirmation measurements must be performed for results to be eligible for USMS Top 10 consideration. For other than USA-S recognized meets the requirements for pool measurements are the same as the ones used for USMS: pool certification measurements must be on file with USMS and bulkhead confirmation measurements must be performed following USMS rules. A statement that USA-S rules will be applied for a meet does not change these requirements.

Getting results of recognized meets included in the LMSC Top 10 listing is not as straightforward as for USMS sanctioned meets:

  1. It is the swimmer's responsibility to request a result of a recognized meet, including recognized meets outside of NC, to be considered for Top 10. A swimmer has to provide the following information to the Top 10 recorder:
    1. SCY ,SCM, or LCM
    2. Pool name
    3. Bulkhead involved (bulkhead measurements must be supplied for other then USA-S meets)
    4. Meet results to be considered
    5. Link to the meet results
  2. The Top 10 recorder verifies that the results are eligible.
  3. The Top 10 recorder manually creates a meet database for the recognized meet and enters the results directly into the USMS database.
  4. The Top 10 recorder generate the Top 10 files.

The LMSC Top 10 files contain only your fastest times for a particular event. So, if you performed a 100 free in 10 different meets during the 2012-2013 season then only your fastest swim will be considered. Therefore, do not provide information about swims that were slower than the fastest swim in any of the USMS sanctioned meets or recognized meets that you participated in, unless you know that your fastest swim is not eligible for Top 10.

In order to allow me time to process the Top 10 files please provide me information about your swims in recognized meets by June 8,2013.