The 2013 USMS Spring National Championships
By Bill Davis
(In case you did not recognize him: Bill is the middle man in this picture between Morten Andersen - left and Larry Lee - right)

The 2013 edition of USMS Spring National Championships were held in the famous and historic IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, Indiana. The pool, celebrating over 30 years of aquatic achievement, is a spacious and fast venue. With such a great pool, it is no wonder that 37 swimmers from North Carolina took the trip.

What you immediately notice about the pool is the wall of Olympians, banners, and photos of swimming greats. It is hard to not feel inspired to swim your best. And, there was some great swimming by the large and talented North Carolina team. As you probably know all North Carolina teams combine forces at Nationals into a single regional club. This allows us to swim together for relays as well as get to know each other better.

As with other years, the entire team was led by perennial man of steel Ole Larson. Jon Klein was kind enough to put together relays as usual. Celia Wolff organized the relays at the meet.

With so many swimmers, it would be challenging to isolate individual swims without leaving another swimmer out. So, maybe it is best to just sum up our swimming by saying the medal cavalcade was tremendous and required a separate plane for transportation back to North Carolina. There were many impressive individual and relay performances.

The team achieved 109 Top Ten finishes, which is truly outstanding. On top of that we earned 12 National Championships. As a whole the team came in 7th place in combined men's and women's points.

Swimming at a National Championship meet is a great experience. You are almost always in a heat of people in your age groups so every start, turn, and finish counts. It is also fun to meet people you have read about in SWIMMER magazine or only seen for a few minutes at a local meet. Next year the meet is in equally famous Santa Clara.

Below is a photo of the National Champion 18+ Relay team from SwimMAC Carolina. Pictured from left to right are Kevin Happ, Chandler Thomas, Lindsay Treece, and Rachael Mullen.