My favorite workout - by Mark Doyle

Mark swims with TRYM in New Bern and he is one of the most "faithful" swimmers in the group - ALMOST always there for every workout despite a very demanding job.

Warm up with a ladder
500 free
400 pull
300 kick
200 stroke

4 sets of 600 yds with 30-45 secs rest between sets:

1st set: 600 straight swim at threshold with 30-45 sec rest
2nd set: 2 x 300 at EN 3 + 3sec (30sec rest between 300's)
3rd set: 4x150 at EN 3 (20sec rest between 150's)
4th set 6x100 at EN 3 -3sec (15sec rest between 100's)

10x50 alternating free and stroke (10sec rest btw 50's). Build up each 50, last 5-10 yards is full effort.

200 swim down

Total yards = 4600