By Greta van Meeteren



As mentioned in the story about Spring Nationals in Mesa, Jamie Miller is "a Nationals meet regular". I asked Jamie why he swims and here is his answer:

"Swimming is way of life for me. I love that competitive feeling at my age, which allows me to strive for physical goals."


Miller started swimming at age eight in West Philadelphia at the Sherwood Recreation Center. His father gave him strict instructions to only go in the sprinkler, but Miller had other plans and after dad left he would go into the pool and play with the other boys. "Playing in the pool was fine at that that time but I wanted to learn how to swim," Jamie says.


Then his mom placed him in swimming lessons at the West Branch YMCA in West Philadelphia. Miller started to become a better swimmer and he began to make the YMCA his second home. "In later years I joined the swim team at that YMCA," says Jamie. He also swam for Sayre Jr. High and West Philly High.


Miller enjoys competition but he never experienced the intensity in training that he is now enjoying. "I guess I am now striving for a goal to compete with highly competitive swimmers. The Master Swimming program gives me a chance to associate with the best swimmers, and maybe I can simulate the same results," he says.


"There are some additional advantages with this hobby," says Miller: and he is talking about a very substantial goal: weight loss. He went from 260 lbs four years ago, to 195 lbs. right now. "My waist was 42 and now it is 34".


"The main reason why I compete in swim meets is so I stay focused on my goals. Also, it gives me the chance to meet other individuals who are striving for the same thing I am striving for. I want to stay healthy and meet interesting people along the way. I have met some really great people throughout the country."