Asheville Masters dominate!

Two Asheville Masters swimmers dominated the 2011 Tampa Bay Marathon Swim with top four finishes!

The Tampa Bay Marathon Swim begins in St. Petersburg and ends in Tampa.

Follow this link to see a little more about this remarkable swim:

From the website: "Swimmers battled a 12 knot easterly headwind as they headed toward Pinellas Point, with an official starting time of 7:17am. As they made the turn north, the pack was spread out along the western shore of Tampa Bay, due to the current caused by the incoming tide and the easterly wind. As the leaders approached the Gandy Bridge, the winds had settled to 5 knots, but the swimmers still had to cope with the moderate chop and warm temperatures. Typically, marathon swimmers prefer water temperatures in the 60s, so the unseasonably warm 81F on the race course was uncomfortable for most of the competitors."

Tom Sherry finished 24 miles in 9:40 for 2nd place in the SOLO division, 3rd overall!

Frank Kriegler's time was 10:05, good for 4th place in the SOLO division.

CONGRATULATIONSC to both swimmers on this incredible feat!