Letter from the Editor
by Greta van Meeteren, Editor

No wonder time seems to fly: February is the shortest month of the year, and so here we are again, a few short weeks after the previous newsletter with another one!

In the previous newsletter, Jon Blank, our chairman, wrote about the cost issues we are experiencing with open water swimming and he posed the following question:

In our effort to expand open water offerings under USMS sanction, should your NC Masters Swim Committee underwrite the added cost of the insurance fee for the event organizers, recognizing that the large cost of doing so will benefit only a few competitors (at least initially)? Alternatively, should entrants and organizers pay the entire expense of increased insurance? Or is there a middle ground?

Let your NC leadership know your thoughts - email me your perspective and thoughts, so your Board will best represent the membership. I will keep you informed in next month's newsletter.

Only one NCMS swimmer responded, and her reaction is in this newsletter in its entirety. If you'd like your voice to be heard in this matter, please send an Email to either Jon Blank or myself, so the board can be better informed about the opinions out there.

What is it about March swimming? Coach Bill Davis shares his thoughts on the subject with you.

The results of the One Hour Postal National Championships are in, and I've included the results of our NCMS swimmers in this newsletter.

It is time to get ready for long distance swimming (pool 5K and 10K, and open water), and with that in mind, I asked my team mate Andrea Packard, a great distance swimmer, to write a distance workout for this newsletter.

Enjoy your newsletter,
Happy Swimming,
Greta van Meeteren