FROM THE EDITOR, by Greta van Meeteren, NC Masters Swimmng Committee Chairwoman and Newsletter Editor

Spring has sprung, and here in Pamlico County every surface is covered in sticky yellow pine pollen. But then: it is all part of living in our beautiful state of North Carolina.

As I'm writing this, Spring USMS Nationals are only 4 weeks away, and excitement is building. I thought I would clarify something for those of you who have never participated in a national championship and that is: North Carolina Masters Swimming (NCMS) is a regional club. When NC swimmers participate in a national championship, they swim for NCMS.

When you compete within the state of NC, you compete for your workout group (for example: RAM, TRYM, MAC, etc.)

So .. at this national championship all of us from our regional club will be competing for NCMS, and that means we'll have close to 500 team mates! In order to recognize those team mates, the club is giving one FREE t-shirt to each NC participant. More about that later in this newsletter.

Some introductions in this newsletter: Dr. Lynn Cialdella, sports nutrition expert has written a very compelling article about vitamin D. You'll also get to know a little about Sarah Bodin. There is so much more to read!

I hope your training is going well!

Enjoy your newsletter,
Happy Swimming and Happy Taper!
Greta van Meeteren