The Coaches Corner By Marty Gaal, NC Masters Coaches' Chair

To all NC Masters Swimming Coaches:

We'd like to know if you will be attending Nationals and on which days, and if you could help NCMS swimmers during the meet with the following (see below). Please email me if you are attending and which day you could help out. If you have already done so, no need to Email again.

The goal for all this is:

  1. To have NCMS coaches that are identified at the meet who will offer assistance with herding folks in the correct direction and give tips on how to swim better.
  2. To give assistance with getting the relay cards to the timers, by-passing the step of handing out the cards to the swimmers who then have to worry about the cards or as can happen lose the cards.
Coaches, you will also receive a free NCMS t-shirt: In order for you to receive this NCMS T-shirt, you need to send an Email to: the following information: your name, your t-shirt size and the workoutgroup you coach. The deadline for this is April 6. Free t-shirts will only be provided for coaches who attend the meet during at least one of the relay days.