Swim Clinic Announcement - for Masters by Masters! by Tim Hillen

Enfinity Swim (Masters Swim Team: Winston Salem, NC) will be hosting a Masters Swimming Clinic at Wake Forest University on Saturday April14th from 3 - 7pm. This clinic is designed to gear up our Masters Swimmers for Nationals and triathlon season. Our coaches will be coming in from Charlotte (Team Elite) for this clinic, and they will include some of the fastest swimmers in the nation as they get ready for Olympic Trials in Omaha.

The clinic will be based on stations. This means we will be rotating groups through various stations which concentrate on different aspects of our sports. Some of these will include: underwater videotaping and coaching, dry land exercises, turn work, stroke discussion and a workout area. It's basically a Swim School, and you're invited!
Cost: $30.00

What you will receive: T-Shirt, Swim Cap, Dinner and Underwater Video This clinic is open to all ability levels, come out and meet all of the great people that participate in our sport. There is a free dinner on the Wake Forest Campus from 6-7pm; all attending the clinic are invited.

Please contact Tim Hillen for Registration