Meet NC Swimmer Sarah Bodin

Sarah Bodin is an anesthesiologist at Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston Salem, where she enjoys working in an academic setting, at a fast pace, collaborating with many people every day, and always having an intellectual challenge. She has a 6-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, who also loves swimming, biking and running. Bodin is a single mother. One of their favorite activities is swimming together, summer and winter. Baking together is another. "Life is ridiculously busy, and very entertaining. I get bored if I slow down much," she says. Her family is in TN, but Sarah loves living in NC with 3 cats who serve as the court jesters.

"Swimming is a long time hobby and sanity-maintenance. I won my first race at age 6 and was hooked, began swimming competitively with summer leagues when I was 8, spent all day at the pool most summers as a kid, and swam through high school, with a USS team as well as my high school. It always made me feel strong and confident, and still does today," she says. Like many Masters swimmers, Sarah has swum for fitness on and off for many years, and she found it especially rewarding and relaxing when she was pregnant. "Nothing like water to relieve gravity," she says. She just resumed competition 2 years ago, after taking up triathlons to get back into shape after a rough marriage and divorce, and she decided to swim some Masters meets last year. Bodin always thought she was a sprinter, but after her last few meets she is not sure. "I think I have hit my plateau for swimming with time and life limitations on training for the time being. I was very disappointed at the Frank Clark Memorial Meet to miss qualifying for Spring Nationals for 50 free by 0.17 seconds, and 100 IM by 0.71 seconds, but I made some new friends there," she says.

Sarah usually swims 4 times weekly, although after the USMS National Championship that will decrease to 2-3 times during triathlon season. Her typical distance per workout is between 2500 and 4000 yards. Due to her busy work schedule, she almost always swims alone. She finds it difficult to join groups, since practices occur when she is working. She feels that this has limited her training, not working with a coach on deck, and lanemates to push her faster in the water. Her favorite stroke is butterfly, and "50 fly is my only qualifying time for the National meet," she says. "However, I enjoy variety, and have always swum IM." Sarah is new to open water swimming with only 7 or 8 open water swims during triathlons under her belt, and she likes it. She finds herself enjoying the new challenge of improving in the open water. "I particularly enjoyed an ocean swim at a triathlon last summer. The pack fight conditions in some tri swims can be fun (as long as you don't get kicked in the face.) However, reality is the black line on the bottom and cross on the walls 99% of the time! And that is okay- predictable conditions and no dirt in your suit."

When asked what is something real fun to know about her, she responds: " I have duck toes - skin fusion between 2 toes on each foot - my mother always told me that is why I am a natural swimmer."

And her favorite swim stories: "swimming with a dolphin named Nacho in Mexico - what a fantastic experience! Boogie boarding with Elizabeth at Pawleys Island and sharing our love of the ocean and beach. Night Diving with Manta Rays in Hawaii.

Sarah's hobbies are: "triathlon, cooking, eating, reading, movies (sci-fi and bad horror are my favorites), playing and talking with my really smart funny daughter, wine tasting." She used to horseback ride competitively also and may go back to that someday - she misses horses.