More About "Nationals" and T-Shirts, by Greta van Meeteren

In our February newsletter I made an announcement about the team T-shirts that will be made available to every NCMS swimmer who enters the USMS National Championships.

Each participating NCMS swimmer will receive a FREE T-shirt from NCMS. This is so that we can all identify our team mates in the bleachers and the stands amongst some 1,800 swimmers. But you as swimmer need to do your part: you need to send an email to with your name and T-shirt size and you need to do this by April 6, 2012. We need this information to order the correct amount of shirts to be printed and in the correct sizes. If we do not get your information, you will not receive a shirt.

About 200 of you have already responded, and do not need to do so again, but if you have not ... please send that Email. I'd hate for your to be disappointed at check-in!