The Chairman's Corner - May 2013
By Jon Blank

Social media's power continues to amaze me. You may remember I addressed two sports issues in the past months. One pertained to a decision by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to revoke the status of the ancient sport of Wrestling from future Olympiads. Last month, we learned of a Chancellor's Committee recommendation to eliminate varsity swimming from UNC-Wilmington (UNC-W). Fortunately, in both cases, strong opposition led to positive results.

Without dissemination of information and organized support, the terms "UNC-W varsity swimming" and "Olympic Wrestling" might have become anachronisms. However, an aggressive campaign to save varsity status for UNC-W's swimming program succeeded - but only after fifteen thousand people signed a petition on At the IOC, a well-organized network of fans and athletes joined together and may have saved Wrestling at the Olympic level.

As adult athletes, we USMS members have the opportunity to voice our concerns, support our favorite causes, and to broadcast those concerns and causes far and wide. One voice alone may not be heard; but many voices, harnessed together, demonstrably promote change.