One of my favorite workouts
By Bob Schmitz.

Bob swims with the DUKE team. Here is a quote from Jon Klein's story about USMS Nationals: Bob Schmitz wins the comeback swimmer of 2011 award after a 2 year medical hiatus. His comment, "I have hope I will be fast again" captures what many masters swimmers feel. Bob has graciously sent me two different workouts, admitting that he has all of his workouts of the last 10 years saved !!!

Here is one of them (intervals are for yards):

300 w/u choice

6 x 75 kick with fins on 1:15 with 5 underwater dolphins off of each wall.

12 x 25 free on :35. Descend by 4 time and breathing, i.e.:

#1 moderate speed with 3 breaths
#2 faster with 2 breaths
#3 faster with 1 breath
#4 FAST with 0 breaths
repeat this pattern 2 more times.

100 ez

Main set:

3 x (2 x 50 sprint from a dive on 1:30)

(100 ez on 2:00)
(100 sprint from a dive, immediately into:
(200 pull

1st round: Non-free
2nd round: Non-free but not the same as round 1.
3rd round: free

The important thing is that nothing is held back on any of the sprints. They are all out.

200 cool down perfect stroke.