One of my favorite workouts
By Bob Schmitz.

Bob swims with the DUKE team. Bob has graciously sent me two different workouts, admitting that he has all of his workouts of the last 10 years saved !!!

Here is the second one:

600 choice

4 x 50 stroke drill of choice

6 x 25 Dewalts: (Variable Speed Drill)
12.5 easy / 12.5 fast
12.5 fast / 12.5 easy
25 easy
25 fast

Bolles Set x 2
(The Bolles school of swimming is in Jacksonville, FL)

8 x 50 on descending interval from dive: ALL OUT each one

#1 - #4 are on 2:00
#5, #6 are on 1:30
#7, #8 are on 1:00

easy 200

Repeat swimming a different stroke.

You can change the interval for the Bolles set if these are too fast or slow.
The rest/race ratio should start off for #1 at 4-1 or 3-1 and follow the pattern from there.

The essential thing is that each 50 is maximum effort.

It is useful to get very accurate times so that you can see how long you can hold your times down before you blow up with lactic acid and can't swim. It is also useful to count the # of strokes / length to see what your stroke count does when you get tired. Try to keep it low.

Cool down:

300 easy with long smooth perfect strokes
4 x 50 descending breathing pattern:
#1: 3 breaths/50
#2: 2 breaths/50
#3: 1 breath/50
#4: 0 breaths/50

You can change the # of starting breaths to your liking as long as #4 is very challenging