Swimmer of the year awards

At the Sunbelt Championships, four outstanding swimmer-of-the year awards were given: Outstanding Female and Male Pool Swimmer of the Year, and the Outstanding Female and Male Long Distance/Open Water Swimmer of the Year.

In North Carolina, no swimmer can win the award in consecutive years regardless of which category, pool or long distance, he/she attained his/her points in.

The Pool Award is determined by accumulated USMS Top Ten points by any one swimmer during the entire previous calendar year.

The Long Distance/Open Water award is determined by the rules for Long Distance All Star of the USMS Long Distance Committee.

To be considered for the Long Distance All Star Team, a swimmer must compete in at least three National Championship Long Distance Events, of which one must be an open water event and one must be a postal event.

If a swimmer scores points in one age group and ages up to another age group in the course of a year, their points are transferred up to the new age group.

This year's award winners were:
For the Pool awards: Kate Mills and Clarke (Mitch) Mitchell. For the Long Distance/Open Water awards: Greta van Meeteren and Filippo Porco.

A special recognition went to Erika Braun who made the Olympic trials in 2012 at age 40, a tremendous accomplishment! Pictured below left to right: Greta van Meeteren, Erika Braun, Clarke (Mitch) Mitchel and Henry Stewart, accepting the award for Filippo Porco.

In the next newsletter the NC swimmers who made the USMS Long Distance All Star team will be announced.