Swimming for Fitness
By Greta van Meeteren

One of the funnest ways to keep track of how much you swim, is to create your own fitness log (FLOG). This tool is available online at USMS. You can use it not only to track your swim workouts, but you can log a variety of fitness activities, such as running, biking, weight training and yoga. You can track your weekly, monthly and annual totals online. If you'd like to find out how to set up your own FLOG follow this link: http://www.usms.org/fitness/content/fitnesslogs?utm_campaign=top_nav&utm_medium=swim_for_fitness

A fun fact about NC Masters swimmers in 2012: 104 Swimmers swam a total of 20,780.27 Miles, with is an average of 199.81 per swimmer. So ... together we almost swam enough miles to swim around the earth! And that is only counting the swimmers who have set up their fitness log.

Swimming in the New Year
Rocky Mountain New Year: From the Denver area of Colorado Masters, Heather Hagadorn reports that her workout group did their 100 x 100 tradition in a fun way, outside, in a SCM pool. "15 swimmers started (several got out at 60); 6 finished. Air temp ~20, water temp ~82. Each person made up a set of 10-15 x 100s; one individual was crazy enough to think that there should be some "fast" in there. Good mix of kick, pull, swim and stroke and no "toys" allowed before we reached 50. We finished in 3 hours."

Did your workout group do anything special and fun for New Year? Or ... does your group have any special fitness events planned in the near future? Please send me those plans, I'd love for all of our swimmers to be able to read about them. You can reach me at: gvanmeeteren@gmail.com

Don't forget: you can still participate in the one-hour Postal National Championship, you can swim the event through January 31, 2013. For information about the event go to: