Letter from the Editor
by Greta van Meeteren, Editor

Happy New Year!

We are starting out 2013 with a new slate of officers and directors on our LMSC Board. On the eve of the Sunbelt Meet in Charlotte we had our annual open board meeting to which everyone was invited in the previous newsletter. For a who's who with pictures of your new board, please follow this link. click here to see photos of our new slate of officers

The competitive season in North Carolina is off to a rousing start with the 39th annual Sunbelt Championship. A report about the meet is in this newsletter.

David Williamson is back with another coaches' article and I've inserted a link to a very important nutritional information article, I hope you'll take the time to read it!

Bob Schmitz - breaststroke swimmer par excellence -has contributed a great breaststroke workout for this month's newsletter.

If you have not already done so, please renew your USMS membership for 2013. Simply go to the NC Masters Website, click on registration and follow the instructions.
Thank you!

Enjoy your newsletter,
Happy Swimming,
Greta van Meeteren