Provided by: Frank McGrath, TRYM coach

The purpose of the main set is to get us swimmers to "divide and conquer" the 200 race. Many of us have the tendency to go out too fast and then to "die" during that 3rd 50. Enjoy!

Descend 3X500 (RI choice)

Kick 200 I.M.; Swim 200 I.M.; Pull 200 I.M. ; Kick 200 I.M.

Swim 5x100 (20)(all times the same)


10 X 200 : 50 (5) - negative split 50s. RI 45 between 200s (kick 200 between 5 & 6)

Swim down 200

A little explanation: RI = Rest Interval, the numbers in parentheses are also the rest intervals (for example 5 secs. between the 50s in the 200 series).