Swimming for Fitness
By Greta van Meeteren

Question: what exactly is a fitness swimmer?

Answer: anyone who goes to the pool to work out, either with a team or by themselves. After all, all of us get big benefits from swimming, not the least of which are physical and mental fitness.

Swimming with a team is great fun, the friendships are unparalleled, on-deck coaching a huge help. One of the things my team (TRYM) does as a fitness event is participate in the One Hour National Postal Championship. This is a true fitness event: you swim for an hour and see how far you can get.

Coach Frank McGrath makes sure that everyone who comes to the pool to work out participates. We generally try to make this a team event for the swimmers who are present at a specific Saturday morning workout. The way it works is: you swim one and you count one for a team mate. Afterwards we head out to one of our favorite breakfast places for a good breakfast and camaraderie.

The swimmers who cannot make the particular workout where the group swims together, swim the event at a different time, again with a teammate or coach Frank counting for them. Everyone - no matter what their capabilities and speed are - participates, including our teammate who had a quintuple bypass surgery a few years ago.

What kind of fitness workouts has your team done recently? I'd love to hear about them! Please email me at: gvanmeeteren@gmail.com