Letter from the Editor
by Greta van Meeteren, Editor

How is your swimming? Are you having fun in the pool?

Despite the cold and dark NC mornings, Hans and I head out to "our" pool in New Bern, which is a 45-minute drive from our home, at 4:45 AM, and get in the water around 5:30 AM twice a week, and we're in the pool at 7:00 AM twice more. It sounds like a chore, but once your are into the "rhythm" of things, it is actually very invigorating to start the day swimming with your very special group of friends.

I feel we are extremely fortunate to have pool space for our team to swim 2-hour workouts, and to be surrounded by like-minded athletes. We're in the water for our own personal goals but we all love that sport of ours, I know you feel the same way.

You might be gearing up for NC pool meets, YMCA Nationals (several of my teammates and I are), for USMS Nationals or for the open water season, or you might just be swimming to stay in shape: it's all good.

In this newsletter you'll find a variety of very interesting topics: an article on new developments in open water swimming, an article about how to become a long distance All Star by fellow Long Distance Committee member Ali Hall, a great article by coach Danielle Newton on improving your flip turns,and of course the workout of the month, this time taken from the Facebook page of SwimMAC in Charlotte.

Enjoy your newsletter,

Happy Swimming,

Greta van Meeteren