Workout of the Month - by Bob Schmitz
If not for Bob's tremendous amount of "in stock" workouts and willingness to share, we'd be without this month. THANK YOU Bob!!.

8 x 75 as 25 scull 50 swim,

In sculling hold your head still and out of the water as high as possible don't worry about forward speed get head, chin, neck up and out of water. Can scull in front, scull "corners:" a small scull in the Y position, or windshield wiper scull with elbows on the surface and forward and your forearms hanging down and sculling like a wsw.

8 x 100 kick w/ fins as 25 on Front, 25 on Right side, 25 on Left side and 25 on Back.

Odds flutter Evens: dolphin

10 x 50 pull Odds: free, Evens: breast with paddles (keep elbows high and shrug shoulders)

4 x 150 on 2:30 as 100 fast (200 pace) 50 easy.

Odds free, Evens non-free

100 easy

2 x 50 FAST! from a dive.

100 cool down