FROM THE EDITOR, by Greta van Meeteren, NC Masters Swimmng Committee Chairwoman and Newsletter Editor

Recently our sport, and more to the point, NCMS lost two of its very remarkable people who meant so much to Masters Swimming: Dick Webber and Frank Clark.

It is sad that Frank is not with us to see his meet being held in the brand new, state-of-the-art facility in Greensboro, but he will be there in spirit. We have tributes to both of these men in our newsletter.

You will get a chance to meet fellow NCMS swimmer Bernie White - he has a great story to tell!

To the directors of the upcoming meets in NC: an excerpt of the meet directors' handbook is in this newsletter. Please read it carefully.

Hope y'all are getting excited about "Nationals" coming up in April, I know I am!

Enjoy your newsletter,
Happy Swimming,
Greta van Meeteren