From the NC Record Keeper and Top Ten Recorder - by Hans van Meeteren

During the Sunbelt meet held on January 27 and 28 in Charlotte, a flood of new records was swum. This raises the bar for Nationals in April. Eight national records and 42 NC records were swum. Most of the national records were set by Olympic Hopefuls swimming in Charlotte for SwimMAC.

One remarkable exception was 80-year-old John Kortheuer's 39.38 swim in the 50 breaststroke. Just in SCY alone, John holds 16 NC records (15 of those are also National records) in six different age groups. Maybe 60 years from now one of the Hopefuls can look back to a similar accomplishment.

Of the 44 NC records 14 were swum by the Hopefuls. Although it seems that they are taking away all these records from us "normal" swimmers, the reality is that many of their swims were not record breakers, showing the quality and depth of master swimming.

Another interesting statistic is that of the 42 NC records 29 were swum by women. Of those 29 ten were in the 55-59 age group.

On an other note. Recently, LMSC top ten recorders also became responsible for downloading meet results for meets sanctioned by their LMSC into the USMS results database. Swimmers who participate in meets sanctioned by USA Swimming may wish to have their results included in the database as well, in particular if a swim would be a candidate for a record or top ten. Please note that for these swims to be valid for USMS records and top ten all applicable requirements included in the USMS rule book have to be satisfied. It is the swimmers' responsibility to provide proof of this. Wait for more specifics in a future edition of Across the Lanes.