For meet directors: a word about sanction applications - by Greta van Meeteren, chairwoman

To the meet directors of the upcoming NC masters meets:

There have been some problems with the process of applying for and obtaining a sanction to hold a meet this past year. Therefore I thought it would be good to point out the following section of our Meet Directors' Handbook.

Sanction Application:
Must be submitted by the Meet Director only.

The Sanction Chairman is responsible for reviewing the meet information prior to authorizing a sanction. The meet director should contact the LMSC Sanctions Chairman at least twelve weeks prior to the planned meet, and request a sanction application package, which includes a sanction request form and the then current Meet Director's Handbook.

Within 90 days prior to the meet, the completed sanction application, meet information sheet, meet entry form and check for the $100 sanction fee must be returned to the Sanctions Chairperson. Upon receipt of the meet results in Publication Order plus a backup file of the meet by the NC Sanctions Chairperson, $80 of the $100 sanction fee, less any penalties for infractions of the then current USMS rules or the then current LMSC for NC policy as stated in the Meet Directors' Handbook, will be returned to the Meet Director.

Once the sanction application is approved, the Sanctions Chairman will send out the sanction number for the meet.

A complete copy of the Meet Directors' Guidebook can be found at: