Letter from the Editor
by Greta van Meeteren, Editor and Chairwoman of the Local Masters Swimming Committee for North Carolina

The holiday season is upon us, and I hope this is a time of peace, happiness and harmony for you, yours and the entire country!

I have many good things to share with you on a variety of subjects. Back in October I received a contribution for the newsletter from our friend Jennie Rogers who moved to New Zealand. It is great to read how she is faring and I'm sure you'll enjoy her tale.

My good friend and teammate Andrea Packard is now an Iron (Wo)man! I asked her to share her journey to this feat with us, and it is included in this newsletter - don't miss it!

As a member of the Fitness Education Committee, I get monthly news blasts from fellow committee member Ali Hall. She shares ideas from fitness swimmers around the country. I've included some of these.

My team TRYM hosted the next "duel in the pool" with the swimmers from Morehead City (SCMM). We named the meet the TRYM Holiday Hoot Meet - with a nod to our friends in Charlotte! I've included a story.

Coach David Williamson has written a very interesting article about Smart Practice, which is good food for thought.

I borrowed this month's workout from the SwimMAC Facebook page. I'd love for more swimmers and coaches to contribute workouts and articles to this newsletter. Please send them to me at: gvanmeeteren@gmail.com.

If you have not already done so, please renew your USMS membership for 2013. Simply go to the NC Masters Website, click on registration and follow the instructions.
Thank you!

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Enjoy your newsletter,
Happy Swimming,
Greta van Meeteren