Workout of the Month - Breaststroke
By Bob Schmitz

Here's a good one for breaststrokers who want to swim 200 breast. You can substitute any stroke or IM and adjust the times accordingly. The goal in the Main Set is to start long and strong on the first set of 4 and then drop the times by a couple of seconds on the set of 3 then a few more seconds on the set of 2 and then as fast as possible on the last one. I figure this is good practice for the 200. I personally find swimming 200 breast miserable and this is my way of practicing without having to do a 200 all at once.
200 free perfect stroke slow and smooth
200 breast kick, Count kicks and keep count low
200 breast swim with pull buoy with focus on shoulder shrug   (pull buoy is to keep knees together)
4 x 25 underwater pullouts on 30 sec rest    (Try to make a 25 in as few as pullouts as possible. Hold the glides as long as possible and see if you can remain streamlined without turning or wiggling or sinking almost coming to a stop.)

INTERMEDIATE SET 5 x 100 kick with fins on 2:00 free or fly
10 x 50 free on 1:00
   Odds:12-3-12 (12 kicks on the side, 3 strokes, 12 kicks on other side)
   Evens: swim MAIN SET 14 x 100 on 2:00 (pick an interval that gives you about 20 sec rest between 100's)
4 x 100 breast long and strong

100 easy
3 x 100 breast faster than previous
100 easy
2 x 100 breast faster still
100 easy
(extra 2:00 rest)
1 breast FAST

Cool down 150 - 200