From the NC Records Keeper
By Hans van Meeteren

The 2011 Short Course Meter season is almost over and it is time to publish new NC SCM records. NC records can be set by North Carolina swimmers during meets held in NC or anywhere else. This year the only SCM meet in NC was the Masters Autumn Meet that took place in Charlotte in November. Almost all new records were swum during that meet. I also discovered some new records while digging through past Top Ten listings. You can find the records on www. All new records are highlighted in yellow.

In the younger age groups (18-24, 25-29, and 30-34) most of the records were set by Olympic hopefuls swimming for SwimMAC. These young swimmers swam 11 NC records, nine national records, and one world record. Amy Norris swimming for Raleigh Area Masters mixed in with this group of young swimmers setting three records. One of the names probably familiar to many of you is Nick Brunelli who recently won the 100 free during the Dual in the Pool between Team USA and the European All-Stars. He swam five new NC records in the 30-34 age group. One of those was also a National record and another one a world record. It is very exciting to see that these top swimmers are members of US Masters Swimming and swimming in Masters' meets.

On the women's side in the age groups ranging from 35 to 59: 21 new NC records were set. One swimmer from SC set a new world record. All but five of the NC records were repeat performances of swimmers that already set new records last year. So hard training pays off! The winner here is Beverly Amick who swam new records in all her eight swims. Equally impressive is Erika Brown who swam new records in all of her five individual swims and was part of two record setting relay teams. Erika is currently participating in all big USA Long Course meters meets chasing the qualification time for the Olympic Trials in the 50 free. More about this in a future Across the Lanes.

On the men's side 14 new records were set by ten different swimmers in the age groups 35-39 and up. John Kortheuer who owns numerous NC, National, and world breast stroke records over five different age groups set a new National record in the 50 breast in the 80-84 age group.

Feel free to contact me at for questions, corrections, or missed records. For missed records, please provide date and place of the meet and, if possible, a link to the meet results of the meet where the record was swum.