Did You Know ....
by Jerry Clark

Let's get familiar with the USMS rule book.



  Did You Know....

That all USMS sanctioned meets must have four (4) officials? This was news to me about a year ago, and at meets I host hereafter, we'll have four of them on deck.

One person is the Meet Referee, who can also be a stroke & turn judge, but not the starter. Another is the Starter, who also can be a stroke & turn judge. The other two officials serve as stroke & turn judges.

This rule is clear as a bell on page 15 of the USMS rule book.

Let's avoid having any of our meets not complying with the rules in case some Top 10 times and/or new state, zone, national or world records are established at a meet. Go to www.usms.org and click the red tab For Volunteers, then scroll to Rule Book. The rules begin on Page 1...browse them at your convenience.

webmaster note: see September 2013 "Did You Know Article" for correction