What an amazing time we are having in the NC swimming world! From two super long distance swimmers to a group of excited national championship swimmers - there is so much to smile about!

Again there is a wonderful contribution from Brian, our "doc in the water", who is going to take the summertime off from writing to be on deck coaching and do summertime things, but who will hopefully be back with more of his good information for all of us in the fall.

Craig Anderson gives us reasons to participate in the Go the Distance fitness program, and Sue Haugh has some good coach's information. You'll get to know Jamie Miller a little better in this issue.

To top it all of: here is a "goosebump" kind of story about the Klein Kin Swim.

Just a little note: I'll be off sailing for a few weeks and willl be spending a little less time at the computer - I count on all of you to send me stories for next month's newsletter! Don't disappoint your fellow NC Masters Swimmer :-)

I hope to see many of you at our LCM meet in Goldsboro on June 25th!

Enjoy your newsletter,

Happy Swimming!

Greta van Meeteren