From May through October I swim in an outdoor pool (it has a "bubble over it in the other months) and we (my team and I) have been very thankful for this past period of cooler weather! The nights have been cool enough to keep the water lovely around 81 degrees. However, this being the South, another heat wave has arrived, and when the nights do not get cooler than upper seventies/low eighties, with daytime temperatures in the high nineties, the little aerator pump cannot handle the cooling. Pool water was 85 this morning, but, considering the circumstances ... not bad.

Having said all that: we do have a nice pool to swim in, and not everyone has that luxury - I never forget that.

I'm also blessed with great team mates, and I DO know many of us can say that ... swimming is a great sport that gets all kinds of great people together. So: enjoy the camaraderie that swimming brings, stay cool, and keep swimming.

Enjoy your newsletter,

Happy Swimming!
Greta van Meeteren