North Carolina Records
by Hans van Meeteren

New listings for SCY and SCM records are posted on the web site of the LMSC for NC These listings are a work in progress. When I go back in time I still find new records once in a while. There are also some records that I have not been able to verify. Any corrections, comments, or suggestions are welcome at

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North Carolina SCY and SCM Records as of 2/1/2011


Short Course Yard Records This is the first update after the 2010 short course yard season closed on May 31, shortly after the SCY National Championship meet in Atlanta, Georgia. This date also marked the end of the tech suit era which started about two years earlier. Just in the 2010 SCY season alone an astonishing total of 122 records were broken. Some of this has to do with the large participation of NC swimmers at the nationals and the extra motivation to swim records that may stand for a long time because of the use of the tech suits. The future will tell.


So far this SCY season three meets have taken place: The Fall Brawl in Chapel Hill, the Holliday Hoot in Charlotte, and the Sunbelt also in Charlotte. So far 14 new NC records have been swum.


Short Course Meters Records This is the first update after November, 2007. The last SCM meet in NC was in October that year in Hillsborough. So well before the tech suits were introduced. In the 2010 SCM season, which ended on December 31st, 50 new records were swum. This happened in just two meets with very few participants. The Triangle Distance Series and Autumn Charlotte Meet. Plan to attend these meets in 2011, there will be plenty of opportunities for more records.


In the mean time, feel free to contact me at for questions, corrections, missed records .. For missed records, please provide date and place of the meet and, if possible, a link to the meet results of the meet where the record was swum.