Greg Sousa, a courageous athlete
By Mary Anna Hovey

Greg Sousa was involved with Masters swimming in 1993 in Sarasota,FL. In 2002 he returned to Masters swimming with Durham Area Masters Aquatics. Along with many others, he helped keep DAMA going through some challenges. He hopes to rejoin Masters swimming workouts again soon.

Greg has a new challenge now which is battling brain cancer. He was diagnosed in July 2012 and underwent surgery to remove a 2-inch diameter tumor. Through the fierce dedication of his family and the care from Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke, Greg is making a strong recovery while still in chemotherapy treatment. Greg endeavors to fulfill an athletic dream and be an ambassador for the cause of curing brain cancer, but he needs your help daily.

Greg has entered the Kona Inspired program. He wants to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. The Kona Inspired program allows a way to gain entry to the event by submitting a compelling story for public viewing and voting. The contest has 2 rounds. Greg has to make it into the second round from which voters then pick the 7 competitors for the Kona Ironman.

His submission is called Badousa Brain. The moniker "Badousa" gives honor to his greatest supporter, his wife, by using part of her maiden name. The web site was created to be the hub and get folks not only to the VOTE location but it also allows them to look at other information at their discretion. There are multiple opportunities from that site to go directly to VOTE. Greg needs your help to vote daily and on multiple devices, not just once. The contest platform is based on social media so in addition to daily viewing and voting, please consider sharing it daily through your social media account. From you could link to Greg's Facebook account. Or you can go directly to and vote.

Thanks for your help!