2013 North Carolina SCY Championships
By Harry DeLong

The 2013 North Carolina Short Course Yards swim meet is complete. The meet was held on 6 & 7 April at the Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) in Cary. TAC is a new pool complex with outstanding facilities for use by swimmers.

In this picture: swimmers from RAM.

A bit new this year were volunteer timers from local High Schools and a local swim team. We hope to develop this more in future swim meets. Thanks to the All American Swim Shop , located in the Aquatic Center, for providing two $25.00 gift certificates for our volunteers and the Raleigh KAST-A-WAY swim shop for a $25.00 gift certificate, also for the volunteers. Also thanks to Golden Corral for providing $25.00 gift certificates for each High Point Winner. The Combined Team/group winner was Raleigh Area Masters. The women also took took first place while the Cape Fear Aquatic Club (CFAC) - Wilmington, NC took first place for men.

We had a total of 197 swimmers registered with 180 participating. Interestingly, there were more men competing than women with 69 women and 111 men. The competitors came from 29 swim workout groups / swim teams.

North Carolina Swim group / teams that participated - 21 Burke/Unifour Masters Swimming (BUMS) Valdese, NC
Cape Fear Aquatic Club (CFAC) Wilmington, NC
Charlotte Swim Masters (CSM) Charlotte, NC
Clubworx Masters Swimming(WORX) Fuquay-Varina
Duke Aquatics (DUKE) Durham, NC
Durham Area Masters Aquatics (DAMA) Durham, NC
Enfinity Aquatic Club (EAC) Winston-Salem, NC
Fort Bragg Masters (FBM) Ft. Bragg Military Base, Fayetteville, NC
Gaston Gators (GG) - Gastonia NC
Greensboro Community YMCA Masters (GCYM) Greensboro, NC
Greenville Swim Club Masters (GSCM) Greensboro, NC
High Point Swim Club (HPSC) High Point, NC
SwimMAC Masters (MAC) Charlotte, NC
North Carolina Aquatic Club Masters (NCAM) Chapel Hill, NC at UNC-CH
North Carolina Masters Swimming (NCMS) NC Statewide
One Step Beyond Cary (OSBC) Cary, NC
Performance Aquatics by Compass Elite (PACE) Triad Area, NC
Raleigh Area Masters (RAM) Raleigh, NC
Sailfish Aquatics Masters (SAIL) Concord, NC
Triad Masters Swimming (TMS) Greensboro, NC
YMCA Of the Triangle Area (YOTA) Raleigh and Cary, NC

Teams from outside North Carolina


Sharks Swim Team Masters (SHKS) Fredericksburg, VA
Virginia Masters Swim Team (VMST) All across VA
Winchester Masters Swimming (WMS) Winchester, VA


Grand Strand Masters Swimming (GSMS) North Myrtle Beach, SC
Carolina Aquatics Swim Club (CASC) Columbia, SC

Florida Aquatic Combined Team (FACT) Florida, Statewide


Colonials 1776 Statewide, Conneticutt


Central Maryland YMCA Masters (CMYM) Ellicott City / Catonsville, MD

High Point Winners


24 & under: Mullen, Rachael E 23 SwimMAC Masters - Charlotte
25 - 29 : Long, Joanna E 27 Enfinity Aquatic Club
30 34: Perrottet, Jennifer K 33 Cape Fear Aquatic Club
35 39: Uhl, Alicia K 36 Cape Fear Aquatic Club
40 44: Banner, Claudia G 41 Enfinity Aquatic Club
45 49: Eagle, Lisa 48 Greenville Swim Club Masters
50 54: Chappell, Melinda E 52 Grand Strand Masters Swimming
55 59: Amick, Beverly O 58 Enfinity Aquatic Club
60 64: No Swimmers
65 69: Hovey, Mary Anna 69 Durham Area Masters Aquatics
70 74: Blackwell, Ceil W 72 Raleigh Area Masters


24 & under: Thayer, David 23 Raleigh Area Masters
25 29: Landis, James W 28 Sharks Swim Team Masters
30 34: Hillen, Timothy J 32 Enfinity Aquatic Club
35 39: Willis, Matt 37 Cape Fear Aquatic Club
40 44: Shotts, Steven J 42 Sailfish Aquatics Masters
45 49: Anderson, Earl E 48 Cape Fear Aquatic Club
50 54: McFarland, Jim A 53 Cape Fear Aquatic Club
55 59: Washburn, Jonathan W 55 Cape Fear Aquatic Club
60 64: Trevisan, Paul T 61 Colonials 1776
65 69: Brown, Bill 67 Greenville Swim Club Masters
70 74: Casper, Mike 70 Grand Strand Masters Swimming
75 79: Barrett, Steve 79 North Carolina Masters Swimmin
80 84: Mitchell, Mitch E 80 Unattached

Team/Workout group with the most High Point Swimmers


Enfinity Aquatic Club 3


Cape Fear Aquatic Club 4


Cape Fear Aquatic Club 6

As expected in a state championship meet, a number of very fast times were achieved. Below is a listing of prospective new LMSC records. Prospective LMSC Record swims

Women 25 29 50 Fly
Andrea A. Georoff (EAC) with a time of 25.55

Women 50 54 50 FR
Sue Walsh (NCAM) with a time of 24.74

Women 50 54 50 Fly
Sue Walsh (NCAM) with a time of 27.66

Women 55 59 100 FR
Barbara W. Crowder (EAC) with a time of 1:02.31

Women 55 59 100 IM
Barbara W. Crowder (EAC) with a time of 1:11.82

Women 55 59 200 IM
Barbara W. Crowder (EAC) with a time of 2:37.20

Men 55 59 50 FR
Jonathan E. Klein (EAC) with a time of 24.03

Men 55 59 1000 FR
Jonathan W. Washburn (CFAC) with a time of 11:22.43

Men 55 59 50 BK
Jonathan Klein (EAC) with a time of 27.78

Men 55 59 200 BK
Jonathan Klein (EAC) with a time of 2:11.80

Men 55 59 50 FL
Jonathan Klein (EAC) with a time of 26.50

Mixed 25+ 800 FR Relay
CFAC with a time of 9:00.10

Mixed 55+ 800 FR Relay
EAC with a time of 8:46.05