North Carolina Masters Swimming (NCMS) Club

NCMS is the parent large club for all of the workout groups (teams) in North Carolina. The club was organized so the swimmers who attended out of state functions could compete in relays and score points for North Carolina. Only members of a club can form relays, unattached (UNAT)swimmers can receive positional awards such as top 10, NC records, USMS records, and world records, but cannot compete in relays or score points for a club or workout group.

Generally, since not enough swimmers from the smaller workout groups attend national level or out of state meets to form a relay team, the large NC Club was formed. It is recommended that if you are undecided or do not swim with a team, you register with NCMS, no workout group so that you can participate for NCMS's club when attending out of state or national swim meets with other North Carolina NCMS club swimmers. For tracking purposes, NCMS, no workout group is established as a workout group of NCMS Club to determine how many NC swimmers do not belong to a workout group.

Pool Descriptions

No pool of facility associated with the parent club.

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Contact Name for Information

George Simon, who is the registrar of the Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) for NC, is the contact for the parent state club, NCMS. His phone number is (919) 264-3490, or he can be contacted via E-Mail at "" or use your browser to send E-Mail now by clicking here,

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Courtesy Swims for Masters Swimmers

As a registered swimmer of United States Masters Swimming, you may swim at any club or workout group and pay their guest fees, if available.

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November 4, 2015