A Tutorial for Registrars

Below is a link to pdf documents that you can browse or print that are "works in progress" to assist you in using the Club Assistant registration web application for USMS registrars. There will be revisions to the documents, as well as specific "how to" handle certain changes.

To view the entire tutorial document, click here for the November 9, 2007 revision. Most items are still valid, for more unique problems and newer details, see the list below:

Registrar Entered Problems

To change a 2008 registration incorrectly registered to a 2009 registration made in a previous month, view instructions (12/17/08)    (i.e., you meant to register a person for 2009 but hit the 2008 registration instead)

To remove an incorrectly entered 2008 or 2009 registration, view instructions (12/17/08)   (i.e., you were doing an update and accidentally used the register for 2009 year and then hit done)

To add a forgotten donation or a new donation received at a later date view instructions (12/17/08)

To create a negative invoice view instructions(1/13/09)

Swimmer Entered Problems

To fix a swimmer entered duplicate registration from a 2008 entry to a 2009 entry with a new permanent ID, contact Tracy and George, it must be done by Club Assistant to properly maintain the financial tracking of two registrations.

To fix a swimmer entered duplicate registration from a 2007 or earlier entry to a 2009 entry with a new permanent ID, contact George, this has to be done from a National access level instead of from an LMSC level access.

In all cases, please list the swimmer's name and permanent ID, especially if you are reporting new problems.

Non Error How Do I Do

Email Management on Club Assistant's system view instructions (2/17/10)

To Mail Renewal Letters view instructions (12/30/08)

To see which clubs have not registered for this year, just substitute your LMSC number into this URL: https://www.clubassistant.com/club/unregistered_usms_clubs.cfm?lmscid=10

To remove the notes from online registrations, go to the list of

on the Home Page, click on the name, then click on the NID associate with the note you want to remove, then put a check in the Resolved box.

To create the LMSC Transfer Fee portion of an external transfer, view instructions (2/3/09)

To properly transfer members and make sure their transfer effective date is recorded properly view instructions (7/7/09)

To change the registration date or sequence number, view instructions (7/7/09)

To enter reduced period registration and next years LMSC fees view instructions (7/7/09)

To enter a zero cost or reduce fee check registatoin view instructions (1/27/10)

To enter a fee if your LMSCs charge an additional annual registration fee view instructions (9/9/09)

To notify club representatives for the link to renew their 2010 Club Membership view instructions (10/2/09)

To have links to display club and workout groups substitute your LMSC ID (13 is the example) or Club/Workout group for the following URLs. The list produced can be sorted by registration year during the Nov/Dec transition, date of registration, or name.
  for all LMSC members: https://www.clubassistant.com/club/usms_members.cfm?l=13
  for workout groups https://www.clubassistant.com/club/usms_members.cfm?club=NCMS&wg=RAM
  for a specific club or unattached https://www.clubassistant.com/club/usms_members.cfm?l=13&club=UNAT

last update 2/17/10