James J Harris YMCA Masters Swimming (HARY)

James J Harris YMCA Masters (HARY) is a chapter of the large state club, North Carolina Masters Swimming (NCMS). Team members who compete within the state swim for HARY, and outside the state for NCMS.

There is a YMCA Charlotte website and look under Branches, however, there are no specifics yet on the Masters Program.

Pool Descriptions

Indoor Aquatic Complex opened Nov. 2002! Has one 6 lane 'fitness' pool (temp @ 81 degrees) and one 4 lane 'multipurpose' pool ( temp @ 86 degrees) primarily used for swim lessons and hydrotherapy. We also have a zero depth area with water features, 2 water slides and a vortex (whirlpool)!

Practice Times

We will offer the following practice times from which you amy pick and choose your workouts:
Tues/Thurs 6:00AM-7:00AM
Saturday 7:30AM-9:00AM


Contact Name for Information

Martha Murrah,     martha.murrah@ymcacharlotte.org     704 716-6800

Pool Location and Directions

5900 Quail Hollow Road
Charlotte, NC 28210

Courtesy Swims for Masters Swimmers


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January 22, 2005